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Timon of Athens

ACT V SCENE II Before the walls of Athens. 
[Enter two Senators and a Messenger]
First SenatorThou hast painfully discover'd: are his files
As full as thy report?
Messengerhave spoke the least:
Besides, his expedition promises
Present approach.5
Second SenatorWe stand much hazard, if they bring not Timon.
MessengerI met a courier, one mine ancient friend;
Whom, though in general part we were opposed,
Yet our old love made a particular force,
And made us speak like friends: this man was riding10
From Alcibiades to Timon's cave,
With letters of entreaty, which imported
His fellowship i' the cause against your city,
In part for his sake moved.
First SenatorHere come our brothers.15
[Enter the Senators from TIMON]
Third SenatorNo talk of Timon, nothing of him expect.
The enemies' drum is heard, and fearful scouring
Doth choke the air with dust: in, and prepare:
Ours is the fall, I fear; our foes the snare.

Timon of Athens, Act 5, Scene 3


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