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Timon of Athens: Dramatis Personae

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Timon of Athens

Lucius, Lucullus, Sempronius, flattering Lords

Ventidius, one of Timon's false friends

Apemantus, a churlish philosopher

Alcibiades, an Athenian captain

Poet, Painter, Jeweller, Merchant [and Mercer]

Certain Senators

Certain Masquers [Ladies dressed as Amazons]

Certain Thieves

Flavius, steward to Timon

Flaminius, Lucilius, Servilius, servants to Timon

Caphis, Philotus, Titus, Lucius, Hortensius, several servants to Usurers [and to the Lords]

Phrynia, Timandra, mistresses to Alcibiades


With divers other Servants and Attendants

Servants of Ventidius and of Varro and Isidore (two of Timon's Creditors)

Three Strangers

An Old Athenian

A Page

A Fool

Scene: Athens, and the neighbouring Woods

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