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Shakespeare Glossary: U

ULLORXA:  lustful persons (a puzzling word to all editors).

UMBER:  brown pigment.

UMBERED: darkened, as with umber.

UMBRAGE:  shadow.

UNABLE:  weak, impotent.

UNACCOMMODATED:  not furnished with what is necessary.

UNANELED: not having received extreme unction.

UNAVOIDED: unavoidable.

UNBACKED: unridden.

UNBANDED: without a hatband.

UNBARBED: unarmed.

UNBATED: unabated, undiminished.

UNBEND: to relax; make slack.

UNBID: unwelcome.

UNBITTED: unbridled.

UNBOLT: to disclose.

UNBOLTED: unsifted, unrefined.

UNBOOKISH:  unskilled.

UNBORN:  non-existent.

UNBRACED:  unbuttoned.

UNBRAIDED:  not soiled or faded.

UNBREATHED: unpractised.

UNCAPE: to throw off the hounds.

UNCHARGED: undefended, applied to the gates of a city.

UNCLEW: to unravel, unwind.

UNCOINED: unfeigned, natural.

UNDERGO: to undertake.

UNDERTAKER: one who takes up another's quarrel.

UNDER-WROUGHT: undermined.

UNEATH: hardly.

UNEXPRESSIVE: inexpressible.

UNFAIR: to deprive of beauty.

UNHAPPILY: censoriously.

UNHAPPY: mischievous.

UNHATCHED: undisclosed.

UNHOUSELED: without receiving the sacrament.

UNIMPROVED: unreproved.

UNION: a pearl.

UNJUST: dishonest.

UNKIND: unnatural.

UNLIVED: bereft of life.

UNMANNED: untamed, applied to a hawk.

UNOWED: unowned.


UNPROPER: common to all.

UNQUESTIONABLE: not inquisitive.

UNREADY: undressed.

UNRESPECTIVE: inconsiderate.

UNSISTING: unresting.

UNSTANCHED: incontinent.

UNTEMPERING: unsoftening.

UNTENTED: unsearchable.

UNTRADED: unused, uncommon.

UNTRIMMED: spoiled of grace or ornament.

UNTRUE: untruth.

UNVALUED: invaluable.

UPSPRING REEL: a boisterous dance.

URCHIN: the hedge-hog.

USANCE: usury.

USE: interest.

UTIS:  from "huit", "eight" in French - signifies the eighth day after any festival.

UTTER: to expel, put forth.

UTTERANCE: extremity.