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About Shakespeare Online

We are proud to announce that Microsoft has named Shakespeare Online one of the top 10 Internet sites for students, adding that it can be "filed in the where was this when I was a kid? category." You can read Marc Saltzman's full review here.

We are also listed as a resource on, the official portal for the U.S. Government., the Merriam-Webster online newsletter, affirmed that Shakespeare Online "leads to a wealth of information on the man, his world, and his works."


Shakespeare Online, a teaching aid used in classrooms all over the world with approximately 1.3 million unique users per month, turns twenty-three years old in 2022! It has been a pleasure providing information on Shakespeare and hearing all of your questions and comments. Thanks to everyone!

Stay tuned for a new look to Shakespeare Online coming soon!

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About the Author
Amanda Mabillard, B.A. (Honors) is a freelance writer specializing in Shakespeare, Renaissance political theory, theatre history, comparative literary history, and linguistic topics in Renaissance literature.

Amanda received her B.A. (Honors) in English from the University of Alberta, Canada, in 1997, and continued post-graduate studies in political science at the University of Alberta until she left to found Shakespeare Online. Amanda was also the Guide to Shakespeare for About, Inc. (A New York Times Company) for eight years.


In 1999 Amanda launched Shakespeare Online with hopes of providing free, original, and accurate information on Shakespeare to students, teachers, and Shakespeare enthusiasts. Shakespeare Online has been featured in an infomercial for Excite@home's new Internet service, which aired throughout the United States. I spoke about my site and plans for future features on CBC Radio Canada.

We are proud to announce that Access Magazine, America's Guide to the Internet, appearing in nearly 100 newspapers nationwide, reviewed Shakespeare Online and gave it the highest possible rating, describing it as "A treasure-trove of information on the man and his plays."