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Henry VIII: Dramatis Personae

Please see Shakespeare's Characters A to Z for a complete pronunciation guide.

King Henry the Eighth

Cardinal Wolsey

Cardinal Campeius

Capucius, Ambassador from the Emperor Charles V

Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury

Duke of Norfolk

Duke of Suffolk

Duke of Buckingham

Earl of Surrey

Lord Chancellor

Lord Chamberlain

Gardiner, Bishop of Winchester

Bishop of Lincoln

Lord Abergavenny

Lord Sandys

Sir Thomas Lovell

Sir Henry Guilford

Sir Antony Denny

Sir Nicholas Vaux

Cromwell, Servant to Wolsey

Griffith, gentleman-usher to Queen Katharine

Doctor Butts, physician to the King

Brandon, and a Sergeant-at-Arms

Queen Katharine, wife to King Henry

Anne Bullen, her maid of honour; later Queen

An Old Lady, friend to Anne Bullen

Patience, woman to Queen Katharine

Secretaries to Wolsey, Three Gentlemen, Garter King-at-Arms, Surveyor to the Duke of Buckingham, Door-Keeper of the Council Chamber, Porter, Page to Gardiner, A Crier, Several Lords and Ladies in the Dumb Shows, Women attending upon the Queen, Spirits which appear to her, Officers, Guards, etc.

Scene: London and Westminster; once at Kimbolton

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