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The Comedy of Errors: Q & A

I need a quick summary of events from The Comedy of Errors.

Act 1
- Aegeon is sentenced to death by the Duke of Ephesus for breaking a law which forbids traffic between Ephesus and Syracuse.
- Aegeon tells of the long search for his wife, son, and a slave who have been lost for 23 years.
- He has raised his surviving son and the surviving slave in Syracuse.
- The Duke is sympathetic to his need to search the world for his son and he allows him the rest of the day to borrow ransom money.
- Unknown to Aegeon, however, his son, Antipholus and his slave, Dromio, are in Ephesus where the lost brother is living.
- The confusion begins when Dromio of Ephesus summons Antipholus of Syracuse to dinner.

Act 2
- Adriana, the wife of Antipholus of Ephesus, tells her sister that she is neglected by her husband.
- Adriana confronts Antipholus of Syracuse with her frustration, and he is confused, but nonetheless agrees to dine with her.

Act 3
- When Antipholus of Ephesus returns home that evening, he is turned away at the door because everyone believes that he is already inside dining with his wife. He instead finds a courtesan to keep him company.
- His brother, inside eating, is verbally attacked by Adriana's sister, who demands that he treat her sister with more respect.
- Antipholus likes her sister and, much to Luciana's dismay, declares his love for her.
- Dromio of Syracuse enters and tells of a kitchen maid who has claimed him for a husband.
- The brothers from Syracuse decide to flee this house of confusion and they leave.
- On their way through the city, Antipholus is given a gold necklace (chain) that was commissioned by his twin brother.

Act 4
- Antipholus of Ephesus is arrested for reefusing to pay for the chain he never received. His bail money falls into the hands of Antipholus of Syracuse via Dromio of Syracuse.
- Adriana learns of her supposed husband's love for her sister, and she then hears from the courtesan, who says she demands the necklace from Antipholus of Syracuse because he had promised it to her in exchange for her ring.
- The brothers from Syracuse now decide too leave the crazy city entirely, and their twin brothers are taken captive and declared insane on Adriana's insistence.

Act 5
- The brothers from Syracuse arrive on thee scene and Angelo charges Antipholus with lying. They draw their swords to settle the matter, and Adriana appears. She asks for help to re-capture Antipholus and Dromio of Ephesus, who have escaped.
- The two sets of twins are finally brought together and Aegeon declares that they are all his sons and servants.
- The Abbess of the priory (where this scene is set) comes forward to reveal that she is in fact, Emilia, the long lost wife of Aegeon. Aegeon is pardoned by the Duke and a reunion feast is held.


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