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Measure for Measure

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ACT IV SCENE VI Street near the city gate. 
ISABELLA To speak so indirectly I am loath: 
 I would say the truth; but to accuse him so, 
 That is your part: yet I am advised to do it; 
 He says, to veil full purpose. 5
MARIANA Be ruled by him. 
ISABELLA Besides, he tells me that, if peradventure 
 He speak against me on the adverse side, 
 I should not think it strange; for 'tis a physic 
 That's bitter to sweet end. 10
MARIANA I would Friar Peter-- 
ISABELLA O, peace! the friar is come. 
FRIAR PETER Come, I have found you out a stand most fit, 
 Where you may have such vantage on the duke, 
 He shall not pass you. Twice have the trumpets sounded; 15
 The generous and gravest citizens 
 Have hent the gates, and very near upon 
 The duke is entering: therefore, hence, away! 

Measure for Measure, Act 5, Scene 1


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