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Richard II: Dramatis Personae

King Richard the Second John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, uncle to the King

Edmund of Langley, Duke of York, uncle to the King

Henry, surnamed Bolingbroke, Duke of Hereford, son to John of Gaunt, [afterwards King Henry IV]

Duke of Aumerle, son to the Duke of York

Thomas Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk

Duke of Surrey

Earl of Salisbury

Lord Berkeley

Bushy, Bagot, Green, servants to King Richard

Earl of Northumberland

Henry Percy, surnamed Hotspur, his son

Lord Ross

Lord Willoughby

Lord Fitzwater

Bishop of Carlisle

Abbot of Westminster

Lord Marshal

Sir Stephen Scroop

Sir Pierce of Exton

Captain of a band to Welshmen

Queen to King Richard

Duchess of York

Duchess of Gloucester

Lady attending on the Queen

Lords, Heralds, Officers, Soldiers, two Gardeners, Keeper, Messenger, Groom, and other Attendants

Scene: England and Wales

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