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Examination Questions on Romeo and Juliet

Question: There is quite a difference in length between the First Quarto edition of this play, published in 1597, and the Second Quarto edition, published in 1599. The former has 2232 verses, the latter has 3007. What are some of the additions in the Second Quarto? Does this prove that Shakespeare attained perfection in the dramatic art only by careful study and revision, and after continual practice of the technique?

Answer: II. 6. 9-11; II. 6. 18-20; III. 3. 119-122. For a full list of these additions, cf. "William Shakespeare," Brandes, Vol. 1. pp. 89-92; Mr. Richard Grant White's edition. Vol. X., Introduction, pp. 10-27.

Yes. Shakespeare was not an inspired idiot. He was an intelligent, trained workman. He reached perfection by the same means as other great artists; viz., by continual reflection, growing knowledge, years of preliminary practice. [Please click here for more on Shakespeare's early years].

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